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ACC106 - Accounting I

This course introduces the student to a basic accounting system that is required by a business to accurately reflect operating results. This course covers how accounting information is recorded and how this information is used by both internal and external users.


INB220 - Intercultural Behaviour and Communication

This course examines how intercultural communication can positively influence the conduct of international business. It will provide a comprehensive look at the concept of culture, what generalizations hold true for all cultures, and the implications of those generalizations for international business. This course involves discussions of how and where to find the specific cultural information needed for any particular international business assignment.


SIB470 - International Effective Selling

This is a practical "how to" subject, providing students with the tools necessary to partner, add value and secure sales in the international marketplace. This subject presents material from the perspective of the Canadian business person and focuses on developing a personal selling philosophy through a team-based project approach to exporting as a means of entry into a foreign market. Relationship, product and customer strategic skills are developed to identify and maximize opportunities and prepare sales forces to effectively present and sell in the international cross-cultural environment.


SMS333 - Computer Applications

This subject enables students to apply business and marketing related concepts using spreadsheet, database, presentation and web development software.  Students will learn how to create, format and chart spreadsheet, how to enter and query data from a database, how to create professional forms and reports, how to effectively integrate data/files across multiple Office applications.

Targeted provisions were made to the subject content to provide students with the specific knowledge and skills required for passing Microsoft Office Specialist Exams, 77-420 Excel 2013 and 77-424 Access 2013.


SOC135 - Global Economic Issues

Economic issues that were once confined within national borders, today, can and do have global ramifications. A nation defaulting on its foreign debt creates issues that spiral beyond the confines of its relationship to the banking industry.  An oil spill in one part of the world not only impacts the price of crude but also has devastating environmental implications. Global Economic Issues is designed to introduce the student to the key issues behind our complex and changing world from a social, political and economic point of view.


GEN001 - General Education Option

According to the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities, ?the purpose of General Education in the Ontario college system is to contribute to the development of citizens who are conscious of the diversity, complexity, and richness of the human experience; who are able to establish meaning through this consciousness; and, who, as a result, are able to contribute thoughtfully, creatively, and positively to the society in which they live and work. General Education strengthens students? generic skills, such as critical analysis, problem solving, and communication, in the context of an exploration of topics with broad-based personal and / or societal importance?. Please contact the School of English and Liberal Studies at your campus to find out more about the variety of General Education courses from which you can choose.