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AMA651 - Advanced Modeling Applications

This subject focuses on science of groundwater movement.  It introduces the conceptual development of groundwater models, their interpretation and applications to problems including groundwater extraction and contaminant transport.


EAC592 - Technical Report Writing

This subject follows directly from EAC591 and prepares CVT 6th semester students to write and revise a formal analytical technical report. A complete draft of the report is submitted about midway through the semester and, based on the feedback from both Technical Advisor and writing professor, the report is then revised and the final version submitted about 3 weeks before the end of term.


ELR651 - Environmental Law and Regulations

This is an introductory course to the laws of Canada relating to the protection of the natural environment.  It begins with the principles of legal systems generally, and the Canadian system with its  Federal framework and the sharing of jurisdiction over the environment between Canada?s Federal and Provincial governments.  It looks at the protection of the environment through the assessment of environmental impacts, the establishment of environmental legislation and regulation and examines specific environmental statutes that are significant in Canadian practice today