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APL701 - Applied Integration

In this problem based subject students will be challenged to learn the concepts of planning, integration and administration in a multi-platform environment. Students will employ skills gained in the previous semesters along with the problem solving and research techniques introduced in this course to plan effective system strategies, share system resources and provide efficient and stable cross-platform environments. Topics will include effective planning and reporting strategies, installation techniques, backup/recovery techniques, security services, print and user services.


INT620 - Applied E-Commerce

Students will be introduced to the skills necessary to design, code, and deploy a secure client-server cloud/web-based e-business application. They will create a database driven value-added user-centric business solution using an MVC architecture and utilizing an FSOSS XAMPP/LAMP development environment.  Students will learn to develop AJAX-ified application-based solutions to real-world business problems, that must be deployed on both stand-alone and mobile platforms.

Solutions will utilize Object Oriented Perl, Templating (Template Toolkit), jQuery, jQuery.UI, CSS and HTML5. All work in the course requires an database backend, usually MySQL (or other RDBMS) and SQLite (for mobile solutions), use of the DBI class, and Apache::Session to supply a persistence framework for application/session data. will provide a touch-optimized UI framework for mobile solution development in the course.