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ATE351 - Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecology

The interdependence of living organisms and the factors that limit distribution and abundance is explored in terms of the hierarchy of ecological study.  This course follows a natural progression from adaptations to biogeochemical cycling to illustrate the requirements of healthy natural systems. The course culminates with a discussion on restoration ecology to introduce the challenges, conflicts and approaches applied to seek sensitive and compatible solutions between the competing needs of the urban and natural environments. Local, provincial, national issues, as they relate to aquatic and terrestrial systems will serve to highlight sound and effective land use practices, subwatershed level planning, and construction techniques.


GEM351 - Soil Science and Geomechanic Principles

This course introduces students to the fields of soil science and geotechnical engineering.  Several laboratory and field testing procedures will be covered to allow for soils classification under the applicable system.  Field investigation procedures and supplemental theory will be covered for common project activities such as earthwork inspections and environmental investigations.


GEN001 - General Education Option

According to the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities, ?the purpose of General Education in the Ontario college system is to contribute to the development of citizens who are conscious of the diversity, complexity, and richness of the human experience; who are able to establish meaning through this consciousness; and, who, as a result, are able to contribute thoughtfully, creatively, and positively to the society in which they live and work. General Education strengthens students? generic skills, such as critical analysis, problem solving, and communication, in the context of an exploration of topics with broad-based personal and / or societal importance?. Please contact the School of English and Liberal Studies at your campus to find out more about the variety of General Education courses from which you can choose.


CPP100 - Co-op Professional Theory

Co-operative (co-op) education is meant to provide students with the opportunity to integrate academic learning with relevant work experience. It also provides the opportunity for students to learn more about themselves and their chosen field of study.

The purpose of co-op education is to enable students to make a smooth transition from the academic setting to a work environment.