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BUS106 - Business - It's Nature and Environment

This subject is designed to provide first semester students with an introduction to the Canadian business environment, business issues and functions, and the major forces at work in the global economy.  It provides students with a perspective of business firms as integrated organizations composed of a number of specialized functions.  The subject provides the students an opportunity to develop transferable skills for college and business life.


EAC150 - College English

College English is an introductory college writing and reading course fundamental to successful college studies. Through a variety of assignments and classroom activities, students will strive to develop the rhetorical and analytical skills essential to their success as communicators in college and upon graduation. Fiction and non-fiction will be a central vehicle for teaching writing.

PRE-REQUISITES: EAC149, EAP500, ESL934, ELI Level 8 or placement based on a Seneca College English Skills Assessment


ICA001 - Introduction to Computers and Applications

In this subject students are introduced to the use of computer systems, a microcomputer operating system (MS Windows), and the following business applications: MS Word for word processing, MS PowerPoint for business presentations, and MS Excel  for spreadsheets. The student will use Windows to effectively operate a personal computer, access various Seneca computer systems, prepare word documents, create business presentations, and develop spreadsheets.


MRK108 - Introduction to Marketing

This course introduces students to the fundamental marketing concepts used by profit oriented business organizations to satisfy final consumers.  Marketing is an approach to business that puts the customer at the centre of its activities and focuses on satisfying customer needs and wants to meet the demands of the market place. 


QNM106 - Mathematics of Finance

This one semester subject provides students with the fundamentals of mathematics for business and finance. Students will study topics relevant to both service organizations and merchandise operations.


SSC100 - Success Strategies for College

This subject is designed to provide first semester students with an opportunity to develop survival skills for college and business. Students will be introduced to the Faculty of Business and the resources available to support learning in a variety of subjects. Students will have an opportunity to develop transferable skills such as effective time management; research techniques; listening and memory techniques; note-taking skills; reading and annotating tips; and study techniques.