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EAC150 - College English

College English is an introductory college writing and reading course fundamental to successful college studies. Through a variety of assignments and classroom activities, students will strive to develop the rhetorical and analytical skills essential to their success as communicators in college and upon graduation. Fiction and non-fiction will be a central vehicle for teaching writing.

PRE-REQUISITES: EAC149, EAP500, ESL934, ELI Level 8 or placement based on a Seneca College English Skills Assessment


ICA001 - Introduction to Computers and Applications

In this subject students are introduced to the use of computer systems, a microcomputer operating system (MS Windows), and the following business applications: MS Word for word processing, MS PowerPoint for business presentations, and MS Excel  for spreadsheets. The student will use Windows to effectively operate a personal computer, access various Seneca computer systems, prepare word documents, create business presentations, and develop spreadsheets.


EBE151 - Introduction to Engineering and Built Environment

This is a broad-based course to help students improve numeracy and other basic engineering skills through a focus on Civil and Environmental Engineering elements.


EVS141 - Environmental Science

This course is an introduction to  the environmental impacts associated with environmental or civil engineering technology works, and the role of the technician in predicting or identifying those impacts; students will also be introduced to methods, techniques or approaches that may minimize environmental impacts; and, students will be introduced to the notion of Green Citizenship.
This is a hybrid course with content delivered both online and in-class.


GTY151 - Geomorphology and Geology

This course covers the principles of the geologic and geomorphic processes that shape the earth as well as the properties of minerals, bedrock, fluvial and glacial materials. This course also introduces the significant geomorphological features and economic geological resources of Ontario.


MTH141 - Mathematics

This subject covers the fundamentals of trigonometry, technicalcalculations and algebra. Areas of study include the primarytrigonometric functions, solving triangles, technical calculations and the use of calculators, operations with units, algebraic expressions and operations, and the solution of linear equations. Emphasis is placed on developing problem solving techniques by applying the topics to related engineering problems.