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EAC591 - Technical Report Writing Part I

This subject is Part One of a two-semester subject designed to prepare CVT 5th and 6th semester students to research, plan, write, and revise,a formal analytical technical report. Once the student has chosen a topic, a series of shorter writing assignments including Statement of Purpose, an Annotated Bibliography, an Initial Outline, and a Detailed Outline will be submitted.


PLN551 - Planning Policy and Regulations

Planning can be defined as the process whereby one attempts to allocate resources in an efficient and equitable manner towards the achievement of some end.  Given this, this subject introduces the fundamentals of urban planning as practiced in Ontario.  Topics include the legal basis for land use planning and enabling legislation; rationale for land use planning; the municipal framework; land use planning tools; community participation; and current practice including New Urbanism, Sustainable Development, Smart Growth and building resilience.