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University Canada West

1111 Melville Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada, V8T 1W6

Seneca Program: Accounting and Finance - (Optional Co-op), Accounting and Payroll - (Optional Co-op), Accounting, Business - Insurance, Business - International Business, Business - Marketing, Business Administration - Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Business Administration - Financial Planning - (Optional Co-op), Business Administration - Human Resources - (Optional Co-op), Business Administration - International Business - (Optional Co-op), Business Administration - Management, Business Administration - Marketing (Event Marketing Management) - (Optional Co-op), Business Administration - Marketing - (Optional Co-op), Business Administration - Purchasing and Supply Management, Business

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce

Graduates of these diploma programs with a minimum 2.33 GPA (C+ average) in their final year are eligible for admission to this deree completion program. Two and three-year diploma holders can complete this degree in less time than traditional university programs. An online version is available to offer additional flexibility in completing your university degree while saving you time in the process. University Canada West has four (4) terms per year for both campus and online. For more information, contact the Degree and Credit Transfer Office at Seneca College at 416.491.5050 ext. 26464 or contact University Canada West by phoning 604.762.1145 or go to

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