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University of Ottawa

InfoAdmission, Tabaret Hall,
75 Laurier Ave. East, First Floor
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1N 6N5

Tel: 1.877.868.8292 ext. 5315


General policy: Applicants having successfully completed one year of a single college program are eligible for admission with a secondary school diploma, a college language course (English or Français) and a minimum GPA of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale or equivalent. Applicants must meet specific faculty admission requirements. Science prerequisites must be at the 4U level or equivalent. Applicants with two or more completed years of a single college program may obtain up to 30 credits in advanced standing.

Seneca Program: Accounting and Finance - (Optional Co-op), Accounting, Business - International Business, Business - Marketing, Business Administration - Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Business Administration - Financial Planning - (Optional Co-op), Business Administration - Human Resources - (Optional Co-op), Business Administration - International Business - (Optional Co-op), Business Administration - Management, Business Administration - Marketing (Event Marketing Management) - (Optional Co-op), Business Administration - Marketing - (Optional Co-op), Business Administration - Purchasing and Supply Management, Business Administration - Retail Management, Business

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce

Graduates of 2 year or 3 year business diplomas may receive up to 30 credits toward this degree. Applicants must meet the University's general admission requirements as well as the requirements of their chosen program. See Seneca's Degree Transfer Office for complete details.

Please note: The University of Ottawa recognizes Seneca's MTH198, as equivalent to the University of Ottawa's qualifying course MAT1339: Introduction to Calculus and Vectors, as well as Calculus and Vectors 4U course (formerly OAC Calculus).

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