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  • Firefighter, Pre-Service Education and Training

    Firefighter, Pre-Service Education and Training

Program Code:FFP
Duration:3 Semesters (12 Months)
Start Dates:Fall, Winter,
Summer (May) 2015: Suspended. Start dates are subject to change
Credential Awarded:Ontario College Certificate

Program Description

The Firefighter Pre–Service program provides you with the most comprehensive and current training to meet both local and provincial fire service needs. In addition to theoretical learning, you’ll also benefit from hands–on training in basic firefighting skills on campus and at several fire training facilities. These skills will provide you with an advantage in the highly competitive field of firefighting.

Please note that the job of firefighting requires strenuous physical work. You’ll be required to pass a Physical and Endurance Test during the first semester of the program. Good hearing and vision are requirements in this test.

All competencies specified for this program must be met and therefore attendance is critical at all times.

This curriculum is based on the Ontario Fire Marshal's "Ontario Standardized Curriculum for Firefighters (2008)" which meets the body of knowledge and practical skills required to meet the job–related performance objectives specified in the Ontario Fire Services Firefighter Standards. Graduates of the Pre–Service Firefighter Education and Training Program are eligible to write the OFM Provincial Firefighter Test.

Program Learning Outcomes:

This Seneca College program meets the system-wide standards as set by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

As a graduate, you will be prepared to reliably demonstrate the ability to:

  • Demonstrate the firefighter’s key roles in the following areas: fire suppression, community education and fire prevention, emergency care provided by firefighters, environmental protection and special rescue.
  • Identify and use personal and professional development activities conducive to growth and lifelong learning.
  • Meet the ethical, legal and safety requirements expected of firefighting professionals.
  • Apply safe practices and techniques in the use of fire department tools and equipment.
  • Communicate effectively via verbal, non-verbal, written and electronic means, using appropriate, recognized fire department terminology.
  • Interact with others in various emergency and non-emergency situations with confidence, professionalism and sensitivity to others and to the circumstances.
  • Communicate effectively, in a respectful manner, with various communities and their members.
  • Use effective, appropriate problem-solving and decision-making skills in emergency and non-emergency situations.
  • Work efficiently with the other members of the fire department team, providers of pre-hospital emergency care and other groups involved in providing emergency care to ensure a full range of services in emergency and non-emergency situations.

Essential Employability Skills:

Graduates of this program are also expected to demonstrate the essential employability skills learning outcomes as outlined on the Ministry of Training, College and Universities website.

Admission Requirements

Program Eligibility:

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent with:
    • Grade 12 English: ENG4(C) or ENG4(U)
    • Grade 12 Mathematics: MCT4(C) Mathematics for College Technology (recommended grade 60% or over) or Grade 12 (U) Mathematics, MHF4(U) (Advanced Functions) or MCV4(U) (Calculus and Vectors)
  • OR Mature Student Status (age 19 or older) with the above prerequisite course(s), their equivalent(s), or appropriate Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) Certificate program credits (see Academic Upgrading).

Applicant Selection:

  • Applicants will be required to attend a mandatory orientation session. In the event of oversubscription, applicants will be selected on the basis of information provided in an Applicant Profile and résumé normally submitted at the orientation session. Both content and written communication skills will be assessed. Please note that admission to this program is highly competitive.

Additional Requirements:

  • Prior to the first day of classes, students who are accepted into the program will require:
    • Completion of Health Assessment Form
    • Standard First Aid and Basic CPR


  • At the end of semester one, a Fitness Test will be required for the student to continue in the program. For important details regarding the fitness test please visit the Pre-Service Firefighter FAQ page.


The Importance of Learning Skills:

Student success in college requires well developed learning skills (such as being able to work independently, participate in a team, be well–organized, develop good work habits, and show initiative). These skills are as important as prior academic achievement. While it is expected that applicants would have developed these skills through previous education and life experiences, Seneca offers support to assist students with further development of these important skills. Seminars, workshops and tutoring are available at Seneca's Learning Centres.


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Your Career

Prepare for an exciting career in Fire Departments across Ontario. Our Firefighter, Pre–Service (Education and Training) certificate program provides you with comprehensive recruit training and equips you to write the OFM (Office of the Fire Marshal) Provincial Test. Upon successful completion of the provincial exam, you’ll be eligible to apply to any Fire Department in Ontario.

For more information, visit:

Admission Procedures

  • Academic strength is calculated from all submitted school grades.
  • Additional points are given for academics above the minimum requirements.
  • Each candidate must complete a Pre–Service Firefighter profile and points are given for both work and non–work related experience.

Important Academic Dates

Please take a few moments to view Important Academic Dates for your relevant term.


Semester 1 Course Name Hrs/Wk
FFF101 Fitness for Firefighters 3
FIR001 Introduction to the Fire Service 3
FIR002 Introduction to Firefighting 5
FIR003 Fire Ground Operations I 3
FIR004 Fire Suppression I 5
FIR007 Firefighter Emergency Patient Care 3
Semester 2 Course Name Hrs/Wk
FIR005 Fire Ground Operations II 4
FIR006 Fire Suppression II 5
FIR008 Hazards in the Environment 3
FIR009 Rescue Operations 5
XXXXXX General Education Option 3
Semester 3 Course Name Hrs/Wk
FIR010 Fire Safety Inspections 3
FIR011 Community Education 3
FPG012 Pre-Graduate Experience 6
XXXXXX General Education Option 3

Contact Us

Admissions Advisors:
Domestic Admissions Advisor: Telephone: (416) 491-5050 Ext. 22840
International Admissions Advisor: Ida Yee
Telephone: (416) 491-5050 Ext. 22405
Registration & Records Advisor:
  Aleksandra Sasin
Telephone: (416) 491-5050 Ext. 22469
Program Contacts:
Program Coordinator: Bill Sault
Telephone: (416) 491-5050 Ext. 26647
Program Chair: Ken Ellis
Telephone: (416) 491-5050 Ext. 22250
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Seneca's Firefighter, Pre-service, Education and Training

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