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Admissions Policy and Procedures

Mature Applicant Status

Seneca College welcomes applications from adults who have made the decision to return to school.

The requirement for using the “Mature Applicant” status as the basis for meeting the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) admission requirement is that the applicant is nineteen years of age or older and does not have an OSSD.

As a “Mature Applicant”, you do not require an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (or its equivalent). However, you do require academic credits in English, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, or Chemistry if any of these subjects are listed as a part of the program’s admission requirements.

In some instances, Mature Applicants may be allowed to write the Mature Applicant pre–admission test in English and/or Mathematics in lieu of having these Ontario secondary school credits or their equivalent. Applicants should confirm with the Admissions Office if writing the English and/or Mathematics entrance test is permitted for their desired program and should also confirm with the Admissions Office if upgrading courses are acceptable substitutions for Ontario secondary school credits.

Please also refer to the next section on Pre–Admission Testing & Mature Applicants.

Pre-Admissions Testing and Mature Applicants

For questions or additional information about the following, please contact the Seneca College Admissions Office at (416) 491–5050, ext. 22800, or email at

The purpose of testing is to determine if you have the skills and aptitude to succeed in the program(s) of your choice. Once you have submitted an application as a Mature Applicant, the College will notify you of the date, time and location of your test. Additional information such as the length of tests, what materials to bring, and brief test descriptions will be included. The pre–admissions test fee is $55.00.

If you are in an academic upgrading program and will have upgraded to a Grade 12 equivalent level by the start of your program, it may not be necessary for you to write the Mature Applicant test(s). Please contact the Admissions Office for further direction.

It is important to apply as soon as possible if you are applying as a Mature Applicant. By applying early, if it is determined that you do not have the necessary skills for admission to a post–secondary program, you may be able to complete the required upgrading before your program starts. These upgrading programs are offered both at Seneca College and at other adult educational centres in a full–time or part–time format.

If you would like to take the Mature Applicant pre–admission test before submitting an application for full–time study, please contact the Admissions Office.

Practice Tests:
English: Practice Test
Mathematics: Practice Test 1, Practice Test 2, Practice Test 3, Answer Sheet

Mathematics for FPR ONLY: Practice Test, Answer Sheet

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