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Co-operative Education

Co-operative Education programs give students the opportunity to integrate academic learning with practical work experience. Students complete at least two academic terms prior to their first paid work term. See specific program descriptions in this calendar for work term schedules.

Participation as a co-op student involves:

  • attending Co-op Professional Theory (CPP100/CPP600) pre-work term classes;
  • participating in off-campus work terms (usually four months in duration);
  • attending Co-op Professional Practice (CPP200/CPP700) post-work term classes.

Co-operative Education Work Term Responsibility

Co-operative education students are expected to use their own initiative in partnership with Co-operative Education Advisors to secure appropriate work term opportunities. Co-operative Education Advisors provide instruction on job search tools and strategies through the CPP100/CPP600 subject and one-on-one advisement. The advisors also undertake job development within each program area and provide alternative resources to assist students with their job search.

The College cannot guarantee suitable co-op employment although every attempt will be made to assist students in the job search process.

Types of Programs

Mandatory Co-op Program

These programs are offered only in the co-operative education mode. All students registered in mandatory co-operative education programs are required to complete one or more co-op work terms and to follow the specific academic/work term schedule developed for their program.

Optional Co-op Program

These programs are offered in both a non-co-operative education and a co-operative education mode. Students may apply to enter the co-op stream of the program following registration at the College. Information is provided at an Academic Orientation session scheduled prior to CPP 100. Selection is based on receipt of a transfer form (available from the Registration Office) initiated by the student; academic achievement; faculty recommendations; and where applicable, attendance at an interview and testing session. Students are advised of acceptance prior to the semester in which CPP 100 is scheduled.

Co-op Administrative Fee

All students enrolled in a co-operative education program will be charged an additional, non-refundable, administrative fee. Collection of the fees will commence with the semester in which the first Co-op Professional subject is scheduled. The current rate of $475.00 per work term may increase in 2011-2012. Contact the Registration Office for an up-to-date fee chart.

What the Co-op Administrative Fee Covers

The Co-operative Education Advisors are responsible for the operation of the cooperative education employment process which includes:

  • student orientation
  • job development of new and established employers
  • creation of promotional materials for marketing
  • posting positions, distributing resumes, organizing job interviews and job offers
  • preparing students for work terms, monitoring students on work-terms
  • maintaining co-op student records, statistics, salary reports
  • advising students before, during and after their co-op experience
  • contributing to curriculum development for Co-op Professional subjects (CPP100/200/600/700)
  • job search resources (e.g. computer, video library, association directories, books, journals)
  • maintaining inventory of co-operative education forms (e.g. Confidential Student Appraisal form)
  • advertising costs (e.g. newspaper, professional journals)

Co-op Credit

Once admitted, students must complete all prescribed co-op elements in order to receive academic credit and/or college recognition of satisfactory completion of the co-op program.

Co-op Ethics

Co-operative Education students are expected to display initiative and responsibility during competitions for employment and while off-campus on work terms.

Co-op Programs

The following programs are offered in the co-op mode. Please refer to specific program descriptions for further information.

List of Co-op Programs

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