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International Student Information

Download: International Admissions Guide - 2012/2013

Seneca College values the contribution international students make to its academic excellence and quality of student life.

Most programs are open to international students but some restrictions may apply.

For more information, please contact the International Student Admissions Office at:

More information for international students may also be found at:

How to Apply

A) Application Procedure

International applicants may submit an application on the internet by accessing the web-based application form found on the Seneca College International website at To use this form, applicants must have a valid email address and be at a computer attached to a working printer. A paper version of the application is also available. To obtain or to submit a paper application, please contact:

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology
International Student Admissions Office
1750 Finch Avenue East
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M2J 2X5
Telephone: (416) 491-5050, ext. 2364
Facsimile: (416) 492-9243

B) Supporting Documentation

The completed application form should be accompanied by:

  • $65 CAD (in countries where it is not possible to send Canadian funds, please remit $65 USD) international student application fee;
  • An original or certified copy of a diploma/leaving/graduation certificate;
  • An original or certified copy of academic qualifications (academic transcripts showing grades and marks achieved);
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency;
  • An official English translation if the academic documents are not in English.

Please be sure to include the additional interpretive information with the transcipts. This information is usually found on the reverse side of the document or comes attached to it. It includes the institution’s statement about the credit and/or grading system.

Those wishing to be admitted for the academic year commencing in September are encouraged to apply as early as possible, preferably before the end of January. Successful applicants will receive an offer of admission and a fee policy statement.

The official letter of acceptance is required in order to apply for a study permit from Canada Immigration. A Study Permit is essential for entry into Canada and for admission to the College. You should obtain full information on student authorizations from the Canadian High Commission or Embassy serving your home country. A listing of these locations, as well as further information about studying in Canada, is available on the Government of Canada website at

Admission Requirements

For post-secondary diploma or certificate programs, international applicants must provide proof of academic standing equivalent to the Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diploma (OSSD). Some examples of certificates equivalent to OSSD include:

  • Hong Kong Certificate of Education with credit in five academic subjects or pass standing in six academic subjects;
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong Entrance Examination with a pass in five academic subjects;
  • For England, Asian countries, the West Indies and Africa, the General Certificate of Education with grades of A, B, C, or 1, 2, 3, in five academic subjects at the “O” or Ordinary level;
  • PR China Senior Middle School Certificate;
  • Russia and States of the Former Soviet Union: Attestation (Attestat) of complete secondary education.

Applicants to post-graduate certificate programs must provide a certified copy of their post-secondary degree or diploma.

For some programs there may be selective admission requirements such as a high school credit in science or mathematics. The program information in this calendar will specify any special entrance standards. For degree programs, university entrance tests may be required such as SAT scores (U.S.), the Chinese National University Entrance Examinations or GCE’s at the A level.

English Proficiency

At Seneca, all instruction is in English. In order to be successful, applicants must have sufficient English proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking comprehension. Applicants from countries where English is not the only language of common usage will be required to either:

  • submit proof of English proficiency by one of the recognized tests in the English proficiency test score chart below;

  • successfully complete an English preparatory program offered at Seneca.

For post-secondary diploma programs, the English admission requirement may be met by completing Level 8 of Seneca's English Language Institute. For degree programs and graduate certificate programs, applicants will be considered on an individual basis. For further information, please contact the International Admissions office at (416) 491-5050, ext. 2364 or email

The following chart is a general guideline for English proficiency scores.

  Diploma and Certificate Programs Degree Programs Ontario Graduate Certificate Programs
TOEFL 550 Paper-based
80 Internet-based with Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking minimums of 20
570 Paper-based
82 Internet-based with Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking minimums of 21
580 Paper-based
88 Internet-based with Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking minimums of 22
IELTS Overall band of 6.0
No single test score below 5.5
Overall band of 6.5
No single test score below 6.0
Overall band of 6.5
No single test score below 6.0
CAEL Overall score of 50 Overall score of 60 and a Writing performance score of 60 Overall score of 70 and a Writing Performance score of 60

Please note that Summer 2012 is the last term that Seneca will continue to accept students with minimum IELTS scores of 5.5 for Diploma and Certificate programs and 6.0 for Degree programs.

Test scores are to be sent from one of the above testing agents directly to the Seneca College International Admissions Office. Please provide the College’s name and full address at the time of taking the test. For applicants who will take the TOEFL test, the Seneca College Institution Code is 9212.

Information about the above tests, test dates, test requirements, test fees and the content of the tests may be obtained as follows:


  1. International students who completed a minimum of two years full-time secondary or college level education in one of the countries where English is an official or the only language of common usage (check with International Admissions if you are unsure if your country is listed on our ESL exemption list).
  2. International students who obtain an International Baccalaureate in English from one of the International Schools, members of the Council of International Schools.
  3. International students who received a passing score on the CAAT administered at Seneca College (students physically present in Canada who wish to take the CAAT, should call International Admissions for more information).

All other students must submit their valid TOEFL/IELTS/CAEL scores to International Admissions. Only tests taken in the last two years are considered valid.

Following admission to the College, all international students in diploma and certificate programs are tested for English proficiency. Based on the results of these tests, students are placed in one of four English streams:

  1. English Language Institute (25 HRS/WK):
    The Institute is designed for international students, in Canada on a study permit, who do not meet the English language requirements for direct entry into full-time post-secondary programs at a Canadian College. Depending on test results, students are placed in an intensive language program for one, two or three semesters to prepare them for standard first level English and the demands of further academic studies at the post secondary level. Students may also apply directly to the Seneca College English Language Institute. Successful completion of all levels in the Institute qualifies students for a Certificate of Standing in English Language Proficiency which is recognized by Seneca College as equivalent to a 550 TOEFL paper-based score.
  2. English for Academic Purposes (EAP200/300 – 6 HRS/WK):
    The post-secondary program course load is reduced in the first semester to enable students to participate in this English subject. As a result, students can expect to spend at least one additional semester at the College to complete their program.
  3. Developmental English (EAC149 – 4 HRS/WK):
    One additional preparatory English subject may be required prior to commencing EAC150.
  4. College English (EAC150 – 3 HRS/WK):
    This is the standard first semester post-secondary English and is the prerequisite for all English credit subjects at Seneca College.

Insurance for International Students

A comprehensive Community College Health Insurance Plan for international students is provided by a private carrier through Seneca College.

International Student Tuition Fees

For standard programs, current international students are required to pay a fee of $10,851.00 per year (two semesters). This rate may be subject to change in 2011/2012. Other programs may have higher fees.

Additional student fees apply. These, along with other important information, are outlined in the “College Fees” section of this calendar.

The tuition fee applies to both our Seneca College English Language Institute and most post-secondary programs offered at the College.

Tuition fees do not cover the cost of books and supplies, which are estimated at $450.00 to $1,000.00 each semester.

All applicants are advised to obtain the Seneca College Fee Policy brochure for international students on a study permit (VISA). The current policy is available at

International Student Services

Seneca College through the International Student Centre provides a wide variety of services to assist the international applicant and international student on campus. Services include:

  • pre-arrival information
  • orientation to Seneca College
  • orientation to Toronto, Ontario and Canada
  • general advice on a wide range of concerns
  • counselling services
  • assistance finding accommodations in homestays, Seneca residence, shared apartments
  • free airport pick-up (2 weeks advance notice required)
  • employment regulations and information
  • liaison and advocacy with other colleges and external services
  • social events and trips
  • student visa assistance

You are invited to visit the International Student Centre at the Newnham Campus.

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