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Did you receive an Offer Letter?

If so, click the link below for useful information:
International Student Welcome Guide 2014/2015

Seneca students

How to Apply

    Seneca College's new online International Application Form will require:

    your NEW Agent ID (FIRSTNAME.LASTNAME) + Agency ID number (9 digits)
    Email address + Student Information Release Form (signed by the student)

    Password not working? Email: and ask to have your password reset. Please have your Agency ID number ready.

Apply Now!

If you are an applicant and wish to grant permission for “other” individual (including an agent) to communicate with Seneca regarding your application, a Student Information Release Form must be completed, signed and submitted with your application.

INDIAN AND CHINESE APPLICANTS: Seneca fully supports the expedited Canadian Study Permit process (SPP). All Indian and Chinese applicants are advised to apply through the SPP process.

Sending your Application to Seneca College

Once you have all the required documents, you can send them to us by one of the following means (please use only one method):

  • By mail or courier:
    International Admission at Seneca College,
    1750 Finch Avenue East,
    Toronto, ON M2J2X5
  • By scan:
    • scan signed application and all academic documents (including IELTS/TOEFL)
    • scan in JPG format only and in the smallest size possible
    • open the file you scanned and adjust the picture so that it is upright
    • save as “Seneca Application-Confirmation number 55-xxx-xxxx (your confirmation number appears on the top of each page of of the PDF of your online application).
    • e-mail your application with the subject “Scanned Application-Confirmation # 55-xxx-xxxx” to

Please Note: Only fully completed applications with attached application fee will be processed by Seneca’s International Admissions Department. It is the sole responsibility of the student and/or the authorized Seneca Agent to send a fully completed application.

Please make sure you quote your confirmation number whenever you contact the College.

Submitted Documents Policy

Because of the large volume of applications, Seneca College is unable to store, retrieve or return documents that were submitted.

You may be required to re–submit documents if you decide to re–apply at a future date outside of the academic–year cycle of your original application.

After You Submit Your Application


In order to process and assess your records properly, Seneca requires 4-6 weeks to review your application. If you have not heard from Seneca after one month, please contact our International Admissions Office directly at with your application confirmation number, and they will check your application status.


If you have not heard back from Seneca after one month, please contact our Agency Coordinator directly to follow up with your student's application. Please email the student's confirmation number, your agent number and request to:

NOTE: only completed applications will be processed.

IMPORTANT: If your chosen program has a pre-admission test/portfolio or other pre-admission requirements needing Academic Faculty assessment, please allow 6-8 weeks from date of submission for this assessment to take place. If accepted, you will receive our Letter of Acceptance along with our invoice. Your offer is time sensitive and must be confirmed with a payment before the expiry date (located on the top right hand of the Letter of Acceptance). You can confirm your attendance by paying the first semester tuition fee.

Study Permit

In order to study in Canada, you will require a Study Permit.

  • Application Checklist

    Please ensure that you have the following when submitting your application to Seneca:

    $65 non-refundable application fee (credit card, international money order)

    Your academic record (native language and official/certified English translation)

    For High School Graduates:
    Your complete High School/
    Secondary School Transcript (all years of secondary school) and your High School/Secondary School Diploma (Certificate of Completion)

    For University/College graduates:
    Complete University/College transcripts and a copy of your diploma/degree

    Proof of ESL (IELTS / TOEFL / PTE) (if required)

    Copy of Signed Application Form

    Signed Student Information Release Form (if required)

    Apply Now!

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