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Subject Outline

Subject Code: ELI 317
Subject Title: Teaching English as a Second Language 1 (TESL 1)
Prerequisite: A university degree and fluency in English*

*If the candidate completed university where English was not the medium of instruction for all courses, then an IBT TOEFL score of R-24, L-24, S-24, W-27 or an IELTS Academic score overall of 7 with no score lower than 7 or other proficiency tests recognized by TESL Ontario is required.

Successful completion of the course entitles students to a Certificate of Standing in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language 1.


ELI 317 is a six-week introductory course to the field of Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language (ESL/EFL). Participants receive over 140 hours of training including a minimum of 100 hours of classroom instruction plus 40 hours of class observation and practice teaching.
The course focuses on the communicative approach to language teaching/learning. Participants will be introduced to the basic principles and techniques of second/foreign language teaching and will apply them through classroom observation, practice teaching and lesson planning.

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